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Tara Ceiling Fan Company - by Southern Fan Company



Story and information by Dan Spiffy Neuman.


My Tara Story


The Tara Ceiling Fan was made by Southern Fan Co. in Tyler, Texas from 1979-1989. It was a variable speed fan with a GE motor.


I first saw this fan hanging in a lumberyard at age 5, and was fascinated by it. It was brown and brass with wood blades, and very dusty. The woman there let me play with the speeds on it. I went back there around age 10, and the fan had been replaced. Gone. I was heartbroken. And to make matters worse, they were teasing me by leaving the canopy from the original fan on the replacement.

Every building I went into I looked, and no matter where I went, I never saw another fan like this. As I got older, and started to buy and collect ceiling fans, I always kept an eye out, but never found one.

Recently, and I'm older now, I posted a sketch and a description of the fan on an internet site for fan collectors. A friend recognized the description, and that was when I learned that my childhood mystery fan had a name: Tara.


I am looking for any fans or parts, for sentimental value and for my collection. I am interested in any fans in any finish or condition that I come across. Please email me Please keep in mind that if you have one of these fans installed, they have some rubber and plastic parts that wear out over time and become a safety hazarrd.

Below is a link to a separate page with are photos of the lumberyard, of the replacement fan (still up there all these years later) and of the canopy of the original fan. These are included to share the setting of where my interest in these fans was sparked. What an odd place to find a fan, no?




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