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The Tara fan has always been, sentimentally, my favorite ceiling fan. However I collect many other ceiling fans as well, and there are some models that I am comparatively interested in. Here are some of my favorites. If you have any of these fans for sale or trade (working or not) please contact me





Fasco "Worlds Fair" ceiling fans*, models 948 and 962. These are ornate 6 blade ceiling fans with variable speed control. I actually like these more than Tara fans but Tara fans have more sentimental value. Here is a picture:




This next fan is an early Casablanca ceiling fan known as the Columbia 500. I actually like all pre-1980 Casablanca ceiling fans, but this model is especially unique, note the blades:




Nutone made a ceiling fan in 1979 called the Verandah**. Rather than a conventional motor it used "friction drive" motor which was not reliable. This model has an optional light attachment:




Hunter is well known for it's cast iron Original ceiling fans. They made a version in the 70s and early 80s known as the "Adaptaire". This model has manually reversible blades at the turn of a key on the motor. Note the picture:




Lastly, there is one other fan I am quite interested in, and much like the earlier part of my "Tara Quest" Saga, I have not yet identified or located any of this model. Pictures are and information are available here:



View the unidentified fan








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*I am also interested in Fasco ornate Parlourfan models 938, 952, B938, and others. Really any ornate, variable speed Fasco. My favorite, however, is the 6 blade version shown above.

**Nutone "paddle fan" models PF-36, PF-52, PFB-52, PFBW-52, PFR-36, PFR-52, PFSW-36, PFSW-52. I also like the Nutone Verandah Deluxe and Sea Island (model numbers to be listed shortly.)