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Are replacement parts available?

Unfortunately there are no direct Tara replacement parts available, Southern Fan Co has been out of business for 15+ years, however there are a number of standard parts that are adaptable.

Blade Arms: No other blade arms have been made in the same pattern or design as the Tara fan, however the hole spacing is not unique and matches the blade arm of any Casablanca fan, as well as various others. Some home centers offer one-size-fits-all blade arms that would also work. Note that the hole spacing is slightly larger than the standard size of most import fans and so the most generic replacement blade arm will not work.

Blades: Same as for the blade arms, except the design is not quite as specific. If finding the exact same shape is not crucial, both Casablanca and Hunter blades should fit, in addition to many others.

Canopy/mount: any "j-hook mount" fan uses a similar canopy and mounting system that would be compatible. If one specific part is needed, excepting the canopy, hardware store replacements are available,
email for details. If the canopy or complete mount is missing, the easiest option is to buy a ball-socket mounting kit from a hardware store or home center and replace the entire assembly. Otherwise, email for details on finding a compatible replacement canopy.


Downrod: the Tara fan uses a standard 1/2" threaded downrod which should be available anywhere ceiling fans are sold, also steel plumbing pipe is compatible and can be cut and painted to match.

Motor: GE no longer makes these ceiling fan motors, however Emerson still makes the equivalent K55 motor and it is still used in their higher end ceiling fans. This motor would be compatible, however it uses a larger shaft and so a replacement flywheel would be required, in addition the switch housing would have to be retrofitted to attach.

Capacitor: the Capacitor used in Tara fans is a 5uf 250vAC capacitor and a replacement should be available anywhere ceiling fan parts are sold. A 6uf capacitor could be substituted without damage or noticeable flaws in operation

Flywheel: an entire section of the site is devoted to replacement flywheels.

Variable Speed Control: check for updates

Variable Speed knob: no directly compatible replacements are available to my knowledge.

Switch Housing Cap: these parts are quite often missing and no direct replacement is available. A select few other fans used a cap that would fit the hole spacing, however it looks nothing like the Tara cap and is slightly too large. The most likely source for a compatible cap would be to contact Hunter for a replacement switch cap for an Original. Otherwise a part would have to be retrofitted.







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