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Here you can see the lumberyard where my beloved Tara ceiling fan once hung, the fan they replaced it with (Design House), the original canopy from the Tara fan that they left up there (to prove to me it wasn't a dream), and the fan control they let me play with when I was five. Yes, the fan is in every picture that has "fan" in the title, even if you don't see it at first. Again, if anyone has ANY info on Tara Ceiling Fans or the Southern Fan Co, please email me Thanks!





01. View from the road





02. Parking lot





03. Parking lot





04. parking lot (closer)





05. In the front door





06. Entrance (see fan)





07. Fan from entrance 2





08. Main Floor - Turning Left





09. Continuing left towards stairs and fan





10. Going left towards fan (blurry)





11. Stairs and fan straight ahead





12. Stairs and fan ahead 2





13. Stairs bottom





14. Going up stairs (see fan)





15. Bottom of stairs





16. Looking at fan from bottom of stairs





17. Fan from middle of stairs





18. Fan from top of stairs





19. Fan from top of stairs





20. Top of stairs and fan control





21. Fan control





22. Fan





23. Canopy





24. Canopy 2





25. Fan from back of store





















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