Leslie Locke Play it Again Sam
Ceiling Fan Model DF-361

Vintage Leslie Locke Metal Blade Ceiling Fan Model DF-361

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Leslie Locke Ceiling Fan Model DF-361 Information

Leslie Locke 36 Inch metal blade ceiling fan model DF-361 from the late 1970s early 1980s. The Leslie Locke Play it Again Sam ceiling fan, Made in Hong Kong by Evergo / Union, sold and distributed by Leslie Locke in the USA. This ceiling fan was called the "Play it Again Sam". Sold with it's Play it Again Sam five speed wall control. This ceiling fan was offered in both white and dark brown finishes. Uses a J hook to mount to ceiling. Neat fan!

Added: 2-28-2005 / Updated: 11-30-2015

Leslie Locke Paly it Again Sam Five Speed Control Used For This Ceiling Fan

Lesie Locke Play it Again Sam speed control model ER-36. Used for ceiling fans model DF-361, DF-362, and DF-363. The control is made by Evergo / Union and sold in the USA by Leslie Locke.