S.M.C. Laguna Ceiling Fan

Vintage S.M.C. Laguna Ceiling Fans Model KB36

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S.M.C. Laguna Ceiling Fan Model KB 36 (Late 1980s)
Universal Decorative Ceiling Fan (S.M.C. Model DC52)

S.M.C. Laguna Ceiling Fan Information

S.M.C. Laguna ceiling fan model KB36 from the early 1990s. Fan is dated May of 1992. Motor P. This was after S.M.C. moved the production from Hong Kong to China. The motor on this one is much thinner and more smaller and less heavy. This was the last of the KB36 Laguna series ceiling fans, as the 1990s were in and spinners were not as common as in the 1980s. These were for sale up until 1997 which was last known for this style to be for sale. Unlike most ceiling fans, the white and blue wires on this fan are used to hook from power source and black is used for light kit. ceiling fan uses a ball bracket mounting system. Has a three speed pull chain, and a forward/reverse switch.

1987 Version - Same motor size as the older KB36 Lagunas
1989 Version - Same motor width, but slightly thinner
This Version - Smaller and thinner motor from the 1987 and pre 1987 versions