Replacement Flywheels:


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Shown (clockwise from top left):

1. Original Tara flywheel (broken) 2. Older compatible flywheel

4. New generic flywheel 3. Hunter R&M replacement


Some internet sites offer replacement flywheels for ceiling fans. Unfortunately most are generic replacements (3) and are not an exact fit, although most of the specs do line up. Other sources do offer exact replacement flywheels, these are supposedly NOS (similar to (2)), however, and would suffer the same composition problems and eventual failure as the originals.

An additional option is Hunter's replacement flywheel (4). This was designed for their Comfort Breeze series of fans. These flywheels are smaller than the Tara and therefore do not look to be a perfect fit however all of the specs line up. These are NOS flywheels and may also suffer composition problems, however the advantage is that the Hunter Comfort Breeze was also made with a smaller switch housing, and since the flywheels are smaller, they are more likely to be caught by the switch housing in the event of a failure.



Tara motor with Hunter replacement flywheel



After exploring all of these options, and seeking out any other possible options, my preference is to the NOS replacement (2) as it is the most appropriate fit and looks the most original. The problem being this does not solve the safety issue, just postpones it.









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