Spartan Electric Co. The Centennial
Ceiling Fan Model E5200

Vintage Spartan Electric Co. The Centennial Ceiling Fan Model E5200

Spartan Electric Co. The Centennial Ceiling Fan Model E5200 Information

Spartan Electric Co. The Centennial 52 inch ceiling fan model E5200 from the late 1970s, early 1980s. This ceiling fan is made in the USA by Spartan Electric Co. which was owned by Fasco. This is a re-label. These were offered in both 52" and 38" sizes. Offered in different finishes. The blades were also packaged in a separate box, which allowed the consumer to choose the style of blades. The blade set is model 9852, which is a white cream finish. The label on the blades is labeled for a Fasco Parlour ceiling fan blade set. Fasco Centennial ceiling fans are considered to be ultra rare. Spartan re-labeled Fasco ceiling fans alone are considered ultra rare. This ceiling fan has a two speed levolier pull switch, a variable speed control, and a forward/reverse switch on the top side of the motor housing. The pull switch positions are, variable speed/high speed/off. The low speed on this ceiling fan gives it a very slow speed. Uses a J-Hook mounting system. A very rare ceiling fan!

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Added: 9-15-2013

Fan 2

This ceiling fan is slightly different than the first one. This one has a regular two speed pull switch, instead of a levolier pull switch. Also speeds are in a different order starting with high speed and the second speed for the Vari-Low system. The variable speed control is also different. This one has the Vari-Low system which was featured by Fasco. The first ceiling fan has a variable speed control similar to Casablanca's Slumber-Quiet system. These ceiling fans must have been purchased during the time Spartan/Fasco made the modification.