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Vintage North American Fan Company Ceiling Fan

North American Fan Company Ceiling Fan Information

North American Fan Company ceiling fan from the mid 1980s. Around the 1984 - 86 era. Made in Taiwan. Inside of the motor housing is labeled N. A. F. Dallas, TX. Many different combinations of finishes of this stack motor ceiling fan were availible back in the mid-late 1980s. Known labels these types of ceiling fans were sold under were Kenroy, Tacony, Regency, Jet King, Fan King, Golf Coast Fans, North American Fan Company (N.A.F) and probably even store labels. Has a flywheel which gives options for both four and five blade configurations. Quite common ceiling fan in it's day, and 99.9% of the time when these were purchased, they were installed with all five blades. Has a three speed pull switch which is a Fan King PC board based with capacitors, this ceiling fan also has a pull switch for an optional light kit, and a forward reverse switch. Ball and socket bracket is used to mount. Neat fan!

Added: 12-11-2015

Four Blade Configuration