This page is dedicated to David Moss, the founder of Moss. Monroe Zalkin, David Moss's original partner and Robert C. Lieberman, Who later became The president of Moss. R.I.P. David Moss.

The Trademark Names and Series

CBZ Enterprises, Inc.
The Closeout Factory, Inc.
Ganstir 111, Inc.
Moss Fans, Inc.
Moss Manufacturing, Inc.

Hong Kong Home Center Manufacturers Group, Inc.

Moss Manufacturing West, Inc.
Caribbean Breeze Charter Company

The Series

Moss Fans Inc.

Heirloom Fan Collection

Moss Manufacturing, Inc.

Tropical Breeze 1978 -
Caribbean Breeze 1978 -
The Energy Saver That Cools Inflation 1979 - 1981
Olympus 1980 - 1981
Hi-Line 1982 - 1985

Hong Kong / Taiwan Suppliers

Air Cool Industrial CO., LTD.

CEO: S. W. Chen

Address: 75, Chung Shan Road Section 3, Tantzu 427 Taichung City Taiwan

Years: 1975 - Current



1977 - Company started by David Moss and Monroe Zalkin to market fans to Lindsley Lumber - Started in sub leased space in Monroe Zalkins screen wire company

1978 - Company moved to its own warehouse at 7600 N.W. 69th Ave. Miami Florida, 33152 and made a deal with a new upstart company called Home Depot. Almost half of Home Depots first year promotions were with Moss ceiling fans - company expands sales staff with Master rep World Wide Sales - hires Robert C. Lieberman to be CFO/COO and Gary Gasgill (formerly of UL) as Director of Engineering. Sales increase to almost $20 Million

1980 - Carib fan company sues Moss over their Caribbean Breeze name and lost, that is how the name Tropical Breeze first came out, they changed the name and updated the fans.

1982 - Now the worlds largest ceiling fan company in Units sold - Moss achieves $125 Million in total company sales including Moss Locks, Moss Hardware, and Moss Permapipe furniture.

1984 - Robert C. Lieberman buys trademarks and assets of Moss and continues to market fans as Moss Fans Inc. the Start Moss Showerhead Company.

1985 - Moss partnered with a Hong Kong supplier and they opened the first ceiling fan manufacturing facility in China. This factory replaced Air Cool (who then started making fans for Home Depot under the Home Depot name Hampton Bay) Moss Fans sues Home Depot for trademark infringement in utilizing Moss trademarks for Home Depots line of fans (Hampton Bay) manufactured by Air Cool Industries, a prior supplier of Moss Fans - Home Depot settles suit - and again in late 1986 infringes trademarks - Tropical Breeze - Marco Polo - HiLine and Heirloom Collection. Again, Home Depot settles suit - but now the Hampton Bay line is well established and the Moss line diminished as to its exclusivity. (Home Depot was at that time selling approx $28 million at cost of Moss fans). Also in the year 1985 Moss sells the building at 7600 N.W. 69th Ave. Miami Florida, 33152 and opened a new smaller warehouse at 712 South Military Trail Rd. Deerfield Beach, FL

1990 - Robert C. Lieberman sells Moss trademarks and marketing rights to King of Fans of Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Caribbean Breeze (lost trademark rights in 1980 to Carib fan company); Tropical Breeze, Heirloom, HiLine, Marco Polo. Moss Heater Fan, Olympus, and private label for JCPenney.

David Moss went on in 1985 to form Catalina Lighting Company - a giant in the lighting industry and a public traded company... World Office Products - and Remington Security products - David passed away in 2005 - recognized as a "giant" in the marketing and import business.

Monroe Zalkin enters the Pet supply business.

Robert C. Lieberman forms


Moss fans in factory ready for shipment

Production line, side bands, lower housings and Robert C. Lieberman, the president of Moss Manufacturing (Year 1985)

Raw blades before finishing

Motor Winding Machines

Plating machines (dip in electrostatic solution)

Caribbean breeze factory in Taiwan and Robert C. Lieberman