Moss Heirloom Ceiling Fan

Moss Heirloom Deluxe Ceiling Fan Information

Moss HF 100 Series five blade ceiling fan from the early to mid 1980s. Model number is HFDO5225C7 and series HFD5102WGCB. This fan is called the Heirloom Deluxe ceiling fan. Moss through the 1980s manufactured different varieties of the Heirloom and the Heirloom Deluxe ceiling fans, which Moss kept the same model name. Made in Hong Kong by CEC Electrical Mfg. Co. Ltd,. Moss had their Heirloom ceiling fans made out of different factories in both Taiwan and Hong Kong, which describes the many variations of the Moss Heirloom ceiling fans. This ceiling fan has a three speed pull chain and a forward/reverse switch. Uses a double claw hook mounting system. Great ceiling Fan for it's day.

Added: 8-10-2010

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