Moss Heirloom Deluxe Ceiling Fan

Vintage Moss Heirloom Deluxe Ceiling Fan

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Moss Heirloom Deluxe Ceiling Fan Information

Moss HF 100 Series five blade ceiling fan from the early-mid 1980s.1982-84 era. This ceiling fan is called the Heirloom Deluxe. Most chunky GE Vent ceiling fan of the Moss Heirloom Deluxe series. Many slightly modified versions came around this era and after. Very heavy durable motor. This ceiling fan has a three speed pull switch and a forward/reverse switch. Uses a double claw hook mounting system. Made in Hong Kong for Moss Manufacturing of Florida. This ceiling fan may have been sold under a store label. Great ceiling Fans for their day.

Added: 10-29-2012

Installed in It's Original Location

Another Model

Sencond model that uses ball and socket mounting, Also has a stamped steal motor inside unlike the model above that has a cast iron motor. Was made in Hong Kong around 1983-84 for Moss Manufacturing in the USA. Like the ceiling fan above these are very heavy duty early 80s ceiling fans, and will last forever.

Added: 3-23-2016