Fasco World's Fair
Ceiling Fan Model 962CB

Vintage Fasco World's Fair Ceiling Fan Model 962CB

Fasco World's Fair Ceiling Fan Model 962CB Information

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Fasco World's Fair ceiling fan model 962CB from the early-mid 1980s. Short model number is model 962. This ceiling fan is made in the USA by Fasco industries. The World's Fair series was offered in both 52" and 38" sizes. Offered in different finishes. Antique brass, brass, brass/white, white, and brass/dark brown. The blades were also packaged in a separate box, which allowed the consumer to choose the style of blades. The blade set is model 9962CA, which is solid wood pecan finish with cane. Cane was optional, being on one side of the blades. The World's Fair ceiling fans were in production from 1982 - 1986. These tend to be a more rare ceiling fan, due to the fact they were in production for only a few years, and being six blades, they tend to wear down the flywheel more so than the 4 and 5 blade model ceiling fans. This ceiling fan has a two speed pull switch, a Vari-Low speed control, and a forward/reverse switch on the motor housing. First speed is high speed, second speed is used with the Vari-Low speed control which gives medium to very slow speeds. The Vari-Low name came exclusively from Fasco, which is another name for a variable speed control. Uses ball and socket mounting system with a bell canopy. A very rare ceiling fan!

Added: 8-3-2013