Evergo Ceiling Fans Model 4E-3LWSBS

Vintage Evergo Ceiling Fans Model 4E-3LWSBS

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Union Ngok Kee Ele. Mfg. Ltd. Ceiling Fan Model 4 CLW-PC

Evergo Ceiling Fans Model 4E-3LWSBS Information

Evergo ceiling fans model 4E-3LWSBS from the late 1970s, early 1980s. Made in Hong Kong by Evergo Industrial Enterprise, sold and distributed by Evergo Industrial of America, Inc. First fan is the 48 INS model. Second fan model is the 52 INS model. They both use the same model number other than the size in front of the model number. These ceiling fans have an on/forward/reverse/off pull chain and a variable speed control. Uses a J-Hook to mount. The model number shown on the box is This Ceiling Fan. Evergo used the same boxes for some of their ceiling fans. Neat fan!

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