Evergo Ceiling Fans
Model 52"5E-5LW P3S

Vintage Evergo Ceiling Fans Model 52"5E-5LW P3S

Evergo Ceiling Fans Model 5E-5LW P3S Information

Evergo five blade GE vent ceiling fans model 52"5E-5LW P3S from 1983 and 1984. Made in Hong Kong by Evergo Industrial Enterprise, sold and distributed by Evergo Industrial of America, Inc. The ball and joint mouting version shows model number 5E-5BLW listed on the box. These ceiling fans have a three speed pull switch, and a forward/reverse switch. There were a few different options to mount and were optional canopies available for these models. Below shows the ball and joint model, close mount model, and the model made in July of 1984. While the ball and joint mounting version mounts different, the other models use a double claw mounting mounting bracket, and the two piece plastic canopy as offered on most other ceiling fans Evergo offered at the time. There was also four blade versions of these ceiling fans. Neat ceiling fans and is very rare, as most ceiling fans with five blades from the early 1980s.

Added: 7-21-2016 (1983 Ball Joint Mounting Model)

Added: 3-10-2016 (July 1984 Model)

Close Mount Model / December 1983
Added: 5-4-2016