Evergo Ceiling Fan Model 4E-2LWP3S

Vintage Evergo Ceiling Fan Model 4E-2LWP3S

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Evergo Ceiling Fan Model 3E-2LM P3S

Evergo Ceiling Fan Model 4E-2LWP3S Information

Evergo 36 inch ceiling fan model 4E-2LW P3S from the mid 1980s. Short model number is 4E-2LW. The model number listed on the motor label appears to have a "P" in the model number. May be mislabeled. Made in Hong Kong by Evergo Industrial Enterprise, sold and distributed by Evergo Industrial of America, Inc. This ceiling fan has a three speed pull switch and a forward/reverse switch. Was offered in dark brown, and white finishes. Double claw hook is used to mount this ceiling fan. Neat ceiling fan and was very common.

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