Dayton Commercial Ceiling Fan
Model 3C691A

Dayton Commercial ceiling fan Model 3C691A

Dayton Ceiling Fan Ceiling Fan Information

Dayton 56 inch commercial ceiling fan model 3C691A from April of 2000. Made in Thailand. Sold under the Leading Edge, and Dayton labels in the USA. This particular version was made in the late 80s, early 90s well into the 2000s without virtually no change. Still is availible today through Amazon, under the Leading Edge label without Dayton being affiliated. Dayton has replaced this model with the newer 5NPZ1 model which is a totally different ceiling fan. Very sturdy stamped steal this ceiling fan is made out of. Unfortunaly these ceiling fans are prone to failure after alot of use due to this one amp motor that gets extremly hot, then cooks the bearings after long term use. Very good air movers these are, and are more common without the 3 speeds and switch housing. They sold in both 48 and 56 inches in white finish, and is made for commerical and industrial settings. Being a modern ceiling fan, it still has the 70s and early 80s style and can be mistaken as an older ceiling fan. This fan has a three speed pull switch. A light kit could be added using extra wiring to feed through the center shaft. This ceiling fan is also equipped with optional 8 inch, and 24 inch downrods. This ceiling fan uses a J Hook to mount. Neat fan!!

Added: 1-21-2016