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Classic Ceiling Fan gear drive ceiling fan from the early 1980s by C.M. Electronics. A magazine ordered ceiling fan that was only available through the Family Handyman magazine at the time. According to the magazine, this ceiling fan was suppose to be comparable to the classic Hunter original ceiling fan, and was sold for $29.95 plus the shipping. Unlike most ceiling fans made at the time, or even present, this ceiling fan is gear drive, driven by a small motor with a gear on the shaft which drives the geared flywheel. This ceiling fan is very noisey as it sounds like a can opener in motion. Has an on/off pull switch, and is light kit adaptable. Has an upper and lower canopy. The motor housing, switch housing, blade brackets, and canopies are all plastic. The blades are a very thin balsa wood, which is the same type of wood used for hobbies and crafts, due to the brackets being made out of very brittle plastic and the motor gears being plastic. Down rod goes through the motor housing and screws directly into the motor assy. Very low RPMs, about the speed of a normal slow speed on any other ceiling fan. One of the oddest ceiling fans ever made, and is very rare.

The original article listed in the May/June 1982 issue of the Family Handyman Magazine
for a similar ceiling fan by the Panama Ceiling Fan Company which is most likely a direct drive model

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