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Vintage Casablanca Victorian Inteli-Touch Ceiling Fans

Casablanca Victorian Inteli-Touch Ceiling Fan Information

Casablanca Victorian Inteli-Touch ceiling fans from the late 1980s, early 1990s. This ceiling fan is from 1990. Made in the USA by the Casablanca Fan Company. Has a wall control which allows complete control of all functions at the wall. The Inteli-Touch switch model number is W-11. The fan it's self has no controls as it needs it's Inteli-Touch control to function. The functions are: Light control, six speeds starting with low, and reverse operation. Turn fan power on and hold down the fan switch until the first beep is heard. The pitch of the beep gets higher as the fan goes to the faster speeds. The fan can be turned on to high speed first by pressing the fan button for one second after turning the power switch on. The ceiling fan can be reversed by pressing both fan/light switches. Also features a demo mode, which goes through all the fan/light settings automatically. Demo mode can be accessed by pressing both fan and light controls repeatedly every other time. The fan is completely computerized. This ceiling fan can be configured for both 4 and 5 blades. Uses Casablanca's Hang True mounting system. This is a reproduction of an antique Emerson Ornamental from the early 1900's . Many other ceiling fan manufacturers have copied this style throughout the 1990s, five and six blade versions. Neat Fan!

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4 Blade Configuration

Fan 2
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Fan 2: 4 Blade Configuration