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Casablanca Victorian Ceiling Fan

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Casablanca Victorian ceiling fan from the late 1970s, to early 1980s. This fan is from 1981, the same year Casablanca's "Hang True" mounting systems became available. Made in the USA by the Casablanca Fan Company. Very common back in it's day, was seen allot in restaurants and bars back in the 1980s. Has a on/off pull switch and a variable speed control. The variable speed control is Casablanca's Slumber Quiet system that is also known as the Vari-Quiet or Vari-Low system, which has a PC board, that connects a pot switch for the variable speed control. This is a reproduction of an antique Emerson Ornamental ceiling fan from the early 1900's . Many other ceiling fan manufacturers have copied this style throughout the 1990s, five and six blade versions. Neat Fan!