Antica/Codep Ceiling Fans

Vintage Antica/Codep Ceiling Fans

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Antica/Codep 40 and 42 Inch 4 Blade Ceiling Fans

Antica / Codep Ceiling Fans Information

Antica / Codep ceiling fans from the early 1980s. Fan with the pointed tip blades is a 40 inch model. Second fan with the arched tip blades is a 42 inch ceiling fan. The five blade versions of the 4 bladed models, which are no different in looks. Has the Antica letters stamped into the metal of the inside part of the switch housing cap. Reason that Codep is also mentioned, is due to the fact Codep may have been affiliated with these fans, as some have said they've seen these with Codep lables on them also. These ceiling fans have a three speed pull switch, and forward/reverse switch. Also has a place in the switch housing to add another pull chain for a light kit. Double claw hook is used to mount these ceiling fans. Made in Hong Kong and are quite heavy. Neat fans!

Fan One - Brass Model. Added 9-19-2014

Fan Two - White and Brass Model