American Industries Ceiling Fan

Vintage Variable Speed Ceiling Fan

American Industries Variable Speed Ceiling Fan Information

American Industries variable speed ceiling fan. From the early 1980s. Approx 1982-83. This could be a Calcutta, Homepride, AmeriFan or American Eagle ceiling fan. Uses a GE stack motor. These ceiling fans have no label on the top of the motor housing and most (if not, all) of them are that way when they are found. Has an on/on/off/off pull switch. The pull switch is installed for both fan and optional light kit configurations. Also has a variable speed control and a forward/reverse switch. The variable speed control can slow this fan down very slow if the trim is adjusted right on the speed control. The bell canopy is similar to Casablanca, and mounts very similar to Casablanca ceiling fans. The overall appearance of these ceiling fans very much resemebles a Casablanca Zephyr Ceiling Fan. Neat fan!

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