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Vintage Ceiling Fans was created by me, Adam De back in 2003. Seeing how there was not much resources on the World Wide Web with much information about ceiling fans from the 1970s and 1980s era, I thought I would create a site as a hobby, to see were it leads to. Sure enough between 2003 to the current date, a very big population of ceiling fan collectors has grown, and with the help of other members to the site, alot of very interesting information has unleashed, which made us become the #1 resource of ceiling fan information.

Growing up as far back as I can remember, I always liked ceiling fans, thought they were neat. As I went into middle and high school I sort of forgot about ceiling fans, until one day in 2003, when I saw a fan off the side of the road, I decided to pick it up. Weeks later I started hitting the thrifts, reused shops and found some neat fans from my childhood era. Once I had a few I decided to create a collectors website for ceiling fans of the 70s-80s era. Sure enough, there are quite a few people out in this world that love those old ceiling fans. Soon enough through out the years we have built a community. Dan Spiffy Neuman being one one of the experts, he is now in charge in most part, on the forums. I must say I have learned a lot throughout the years of having this site. We are well established now and still building. New features to come.

Website Info and Updates:

July 6, 2003: The Vintage Ceiling Fan Website is born. Since July 6, 2003 this website has come along way with updates in the galleries and the looks of the website.

July 7, 2003: The message board is added. Click Here to view.

August 10, 2003: Industrial ceiling gallery is added.

January 5 - 12, 2004: Vintage Ceiling Fans has a new look.

September 1, 2004: Vintage Ceiling Fans home page, and gallery has a different look. Search Ebay, and Search The Internet features have been added.

December 6, 2004: Vintage Ceiling Fans is no longer at http://www.geocities.com/ada19851985 Now at http://www.vintageceilingfans.com and has a new name, Vintage Ceiling Fans.Com

December 2008: Vintage Ceiling Fans.Com once again gets a full new look.

August 2009: Site layout is updated once again.

About Me

Types Of Ceiling Fans Of My Interest: Ceiling fans from the 1970s and 1980s. Spinner ceiling fans with a switch housing and lower canopy. Most early day standard type ceiling fans (GE Vents). Pre 1986 five blade ceiling fans. Industrial ceiling fans with a switch housing. Industrial ceiling fans with a switch housing and lower canopy. Any early S.M.C. Laguna, late 1970s to mid 1980s, don't care for the latest models. I also collect anything unusual prior to the 1990s.

Types Of Ceiling Fans That Are Not Of My Interest: Anything manufactured today not including the Hunter Original, some Tat ceiling fans, and Dayton industrials.

Do I Collect Ceiling Fans? Yes Why? The same reason people collect objects, such as old bottles, dirt from different parts of the earth, coins, money, antiques, and who knows what else. It's a hobby.

Why Do I Have A Ceiling Fan Website? To join all ceiling fan collectors from around the world to one place. Also to take a look back on the history on household and industrial ceiling fans and how much ceiling fans have changed since the 1970s.

Ceiling Fans From The 1970s to the mid 1980s: An American fan called "Casablanca Fan Company" was the start of household ceiling fans back in the 1970s. Of course the era when imported companies became big. By the mid 1980s 50% of households in America had ceiling fans installed. The 1980s was the best decade, for a lot of things such as, Ceiling Fans, Electronics, Vehicles, Video Game Systems, and of course who can't forget the music of that decade, New Wave, Pop, Rock, Heavy Metal, Hi Energy, Rap, House (Late 1980s). Don't forget the movies with great soundtracks. The 1980s was the beginning of a lot of things such as, styles of clothing, the beginning of different formats and styles of music that are still in production today. Products prior to the 1990s were made to last, and if broken, were to be repaired, unlike today products are made out of very cheap material such as plastic and tuna can metal and costs the same to purchase, and if broken, meant to be thrown away. Ceiling fans today are much different, as the styles changed, which now people now go for. A lot of ceiling fans today are made to look like something other than a ceiling fan, for instance, UFO, Flying Saucer or Fern Plant, just to name a few examples. Normal imported ceiling fans today are junk, made out of very cheap material, and you will be lucky to get a few years use out of them before the bearings seize up or the motors go on them. There are still a few companies that manufacture high quality ceiling fans, such as Casablanca, Hunter and a few others, but today's styles and designs. We all know times were much different from back in the 1970s and 1980s.