Emerson Ceiling Fan Cat. No. CF363WA

Emerson Ceiling Fan Information

Emerson Universal Series / Heatfan ceiling fan a.k.a. Blender Fan. Cat. No. CF363WA. The 36 inch version with plastic blades. The plastic has yellowed over the years. Great ceiling fan for it's day. This ceiling fan is dated 5-7-80. Has a two speed pullswitch, fast/off/slow/off, and is light kit adaptable. J-Hook is used to mount. These are die hard ceiling fans and will out last new ceiling fans. Alot of cases with these fans, is the oil can capacitor starts failing which in most cases, causes the blades to stop moving. Any of these capacitors can be replaced with a modern box style capacitor as long as it's rated at the same value as the original.

Added: 8-3-2006 / Updated 10-8-2015